School Governors 2014 - 2015

Name: Euron Davies

Health and safety, Staff disciplinary measures and dismissal. Pupils disciplinary measures and exclusion pay review / pay review appeals.
Finance sub-panel. Appointments and staffing. Policies. Language.

Representing: Parents / Chairman

Name: David Roberts

Racial Equality, Staff Disciplinary Measures and Dismissal, Pupils Disciplinary Measures and Exclusion, Grievances, Buildings, Science, Music

Representing: Community / Vice Chair

Name: Brian Jones

Post: Buildings. Information Technology

Representing: LEA

Name: Aaron Bayley

Post: Child Protection, Staff disciplinary measures and dismissal appeal, Pay Review/Pay Review appeal, Finance sub-panel, Appointments and Staffing Policies Humanities. Maths

Representing: Community

Name: Osian Jones

Post: Additional Learning Needs, Staff Disciplinary Measures and Dismissal Appeal, Pay Review/Pay Review Appeal, Appointments and Staffing, Art.

Representing: Parents

Name: Donna Williams

Post: Welsh Language Charter Grievances

Representing: Parents

Name: Mared Morris

Post: Training for Governors, Buildings, Welsh language Charter.

Representing: Support Staff

Name: Nia Oliver


Representing: Headteacher

Name: No Representative


Representing: Teachers

Name: Alan Pritchard

Post: Staff Disciplinary and Dismissal appeal. Policies. Design & Technology.

Representing: Community Council

Name: Eleri Jones


Representing: Clerk to the Governors